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Budget Decorating - Woman’s Day Special Interest Publication

April 2009 - MySushiSet.com is a website featuring sushi dinnerware and
accessories that offer good value for quality merchandise. In Budget Decorating, A
Woman’s Day Special Interest Publication, showcased one of their most popular

The “Alizarin Crimson Sushi and Sake Set is a dramatic glossy red and black set
that is ideal for a romantic dinner for two. With its striking look that grabs your
attention this beautiful sushi set with sushi plates, soy sauce dishes and chopsticks
includes everything needed for a cozy evening at home. The finishing touch is a tall
black sake bottle with two cups that have reversed the coloring putting the crimson
coloring inside and the black outside for a lovely contrast.

With its black and red theme this set is ideal for an Asian inspired décor or for
setting the stage for romance.

Crash - Starz original TV series

October 2009 - MySushiSet.com had its dinnerware “Alizarin Crimson Sushi and
Sake Set” featured on an episode of a Starz original TV series titled “Crash.” It
occurred in Season 2, Episode 207 in a restaurant scene where Kenny and Tess
have a first date. With its beautiful yet subtle styling this dinner set should put
anyone in the mood for love.

What better place to showcase this distinctive dinnerware that is a striking red and
black set that is ideal for a romantic encounter. The Japanese ceramic sushi set is
a glossy crimson and black making it stand out with its dynamic style and elegance.
It definitely sets the mood for romance.

MySushiSet.com is a website that specializes in sushi dinnerware and accessories
with an extensive variety of styles and designs to suit every taste. It is known for its
quality merchandise and affordable pricing providing good value and ideal for gift
giving for any occasion.
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