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A Trusted Brand of Quality Sushi Dinnerware
We selected the following top ten sushi sets based on best value, quality,
appearance, and craftsmanship. Each set is unusual in design while it
represents mastery in glazing technique.  The dinnerware will display your
sushi to its best artistic advantage.  

Kasumi Blue Sushi Set

- Unique Handcrafted Pattern
- Artistically refined quality
- Unmatched glazing technique
- True artisanship
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Sushi Set for Two - Brush Painting
- Designed by Yoshitaka Kato, a well-known kiln
- Mr. Kato is among one of the most skilled
in Mino, Japan
- Minimalist design with highly sophisticated look
- The design was inspired by nature’s beauty
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Sushi Serving Set - Karakusa Moyo Square

- Traditional looks
- Embossed pattern
- Stylish design
- Great value for the quality
- Versatile Applications
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Indigo Dream Splendor Sushi Serving Set

- Dramatic Presence
- Elegant Design
- Classic Appeal
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8-PC Deep Sea Blue Sushi Serving Set

- Beautiful Cobalt Blue Glazing
- Unmatched glazing technique
- Ascetically refined
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Sushi Set for Two - Black Crystal
- Black as a perfect color for sushi presentation
- Generous size plates and sauce dishes
- Sleek design
- Slip resistant chopsticks
- Classic Look
- Fine ascetic quality
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Sabishio Sushi Set for Two

- Splash of Gold
- Work of Art
- Unmatched glazing technique
- Superior artisanship
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